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Policy for Shareholders

Effective 2020, a 25% discount off one order of purchased goods will be offered each quarter beginning Q1 2021 to any shareholders of record of the ADMQ stock as long as they meet the following criteria:

-  Must have a minimum of 5,000 shares on Reward Program execution date. This date will be the last day of each quarter
-  Provide an electronic copy of a redacted statement showing ownership of shares in that reporting quarter
-  Name on redacted statement must match purchaser
-  Use the 25% discount within 30 days of the quarter ending (i.e., Oct 1-Dec 31 will be good through Jan 30)
-  25% discount good for one order each quarter
-  Discount must be claimed before order is invoiced or completed

To redeem your 25% discount, contact

investor Team

Paul Knopick

E&E Communications
(902) 262-3584
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